Prime100 Food & Treats

Prime100 SPD Rolls

A range of single protein diets and treats.

Do SPD™ rolls include a guarantee?
Yes, all Prime100 products include our Palatability Guarantee. If you purchase an SPD™ roll and your dog dislikes it, or if there is a problem with the roll, you can return it to us for a replacement or a full refund (proof of purchase required).

As SPD™ rolls are a fresh product, our Palatability Guarantee is void if the product is frozen.

How much should I feed my dog?

Some dogs will have higher energy requirements (e.g. working dogs) and will need to be fed more, and some dogs (e.g. overweight dogs or low energy dogs) will need to be fed less – this is a general feeding guide.

For an average adult dog – 200-300g per 10kg per day.

For puppies – 400-600g per 10kg per day.

How long after opening should the product be kept?
Once open, if refrigerated below 4°C, we recommend using the product within 7-10 days.

To ensure freshness, seal the end of the roll with aluminium foil. If the roll is stored in plastic containers or resealable bags exposure to oxygen will reduce the life of the product.

Can SPD™ rolls be frozen?
Yes, SPD™ rolls can be frozen, and we recommend portioning the roll first to make it easier to thaw. As SPD™ rolls are a fresh product, our Palatability Guarantee does not cover the product once frozen.